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Organic corn glucose powder DE29

Leverancier: DO-IT
Organic corn glucose powder DE29, fine powder, moderate sweetness
Organic corn glucose powder is extracted from organic corn starch. It can be used in many food applications like bakery, confectionery, dairy and many more. The DE number of the glucose says something about the binding and sweetening power of the glucose and depends on the degree to which hydrolysis is applied. Starch is converted into Glucose by hydrolysis. On a scale of 0 - 100, 0 is pure starch and 100 is pure glucose. The lower the number, the higher the binding power of the product. The higher the number, the higher the sweetening power. Organic corn glucose powder DE29 is dehydrated glucose syrup. It prevents recrystallization of sugar in candy. It also gives elasticity to a product and keeps sweet preparations such as cakes and truffles soft. It can be used in dry mixes and in solutions. Due to its special carbohydrate spectrum, it can be used to reduce sweetness and improve mouth feel.
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • (1) Vegan / vegetarisch
  • (2) Biologisch
(1) Vegan / Vegetarisch
(2) Biologisch
(3) Duurzame landbouw
(4) Duurzame zeebouw
(5) Voedselverspilling verminderen
(6) Goede voeding


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